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Mediware: The #1 Provider of Specialty Pharmacy Software

More specialty pharmacies rely on Mediware software than all other solutions combined. Since 2002, Mediware’s secure, all-in-one suite has been the obvious choice for managing compliance and the complex workflows unique to specialty pharmacy. See how our latest solution, CareTend, streamlines specialty pharmacy management in ways unlike any other software in the industry.

Dispense more prescriptions with real-time workflow tracking

CareTend’s queue-based workflow management tracks orders at every stage of the process so that patients receive their medications on time. Easily spot backlogs, errors, and staff productivity issues with instant alerts.

Cut reporting time in half with custom business intelligence

Make spreadsheets a thing of the past with CareTend’s automated business intelligence tools. Easily drill into your data with real-time custom reports, dashboards, and pivot table analyses that satisfy payer, manufacturer, and accreditation requirements.

Keep your pharmacy compliant with CareTend

Satisfy complex payer, manufacturer, and accreditation requirements with ease using CareTend’s compliance automation tools.

Grow your revenue and expand your limited-distribution contracts

With CareTend compliance safeguards, your pharmacy can successfully compete for more drug contracts and grow your bottom line.

Track inventory in less time with barcode technology

Have exactly the right quantities on hand, so you can always fill prescriptions on time.

Go paperless and keep your data secure

Electronically store all information in CareTend’s paperless document management system. Easily locate patient information and retrieve required documentation for audits or denials without delay.

Track patient care over the course of therapy with CareTend

Pull the exact metrics needed to evaluate patient progress throughout treatment. Quickly extract adverse drug reactions, discharged patient outcomes, and PDC and MPR adherence rates.

Eliminate data overload with CareTend data-mining tools

Get the answers you need when you need them. CareTend’s drill-down filtering tools let you examine your data from the broadest point to the most microscopic details.

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