Retail pharmacy systems were never designed for specialty pharmacy requirements — that’s why there’s CareTend.

Gain access to limited-distribution drugs with a powerful system that helps you deliver superior service to manufacturers, payers, wholesalers, health plans, and patients alike. The CareTend software suite caters to serving the specialty pharmacy, oncology pharmacy, and clinic pharmacy markets.

  • Streamline patient follow-up.   — Meet all of your clinical needs with an easily adaptable documentation tool.
  • Simplify reporting to manufacturers and payers.   — Automate the countless requirements of manufacturers, payers, and accreditation organizations to ensure compliance.
  • Monitor your workflow in real time.   —Increase output and efficiency by automatically transferring completed work to the next department.
  • See every layer of your data   — Track key compliance metrics, create pivot-table analysis, and pull custom reports instantly.

Specialty Workflows   – Automate key steps in your process with predefined workflows that identify bottlenecks and ensure faster turnaround time.

Compliance   – Meet manufacturers’ and payers’ specific requirements before dispensing your drugs, so you can be assured of reimbursement.

Analytics And Reporting   – Satisfy complex manufacturer and payer requirements with dashboard analytics and in-depth reporting.

Data Management   – Access reports and view business metrics in multiple formats, and analyze your data in even greater detail with integrated solutions.

Revenue Management   – Manage the patient refill process proactively to maximize reimbursement opportunities and maintain confidence in those reimbursements with redundancy checks throughout the system.

Document Management   – Simplify patient care with electronic documentation that reduces errors and ensures compliance.

Inventory Management   – Track your prescriptions for optimal inventory control, so errors and the risk of spoilage are minimized.

Patient Care Management   – Monitor patient outcomes throughout their treatment with detailed clinical analysis and reporting.