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Fill Prescriptions Quickly with CareTend’s Infusion Workflow

More home infusion providers choose Mediware’s leading queue-based workflow than any other software provider in the industry. Proven to speed order processing time, increase output, and reduce delays, you can’t go wrong with CareTend.

Get scripts out the door quickly

CareTend allows your pharmacy to take on new orders with confidence. You automatically lock in a proven workflow system that pushes tasks proactively through each stage to completion.

  • Simplify intake with e-prescribing and 100% paperless documentation
  • Track orders that are ready to bill for fast reimbursement
  • Prioritize orders that are missing required information
  • Eliminate delays by ensuring tasks never fall through the cracks

Track output in real time

Live data in the system empowers you to manage staff intelligently, prevent costly errors before they happen, and identify hidden opportunities for improvement.

  • Monitor how long it takes for staff to complete tasks, and identify top performers
  • Track the amount of work that needs to be redone each day
  • Customize refresh settings so that you always see the most recent data

Fix errors and delays instantly

Why spend hours trying to find the root causes of your delays when the system can do this for you? CareTend’s customizable dashboard allows you to easily spot backlogs with real-time warning notifications. Your staff can now spend less time searching for errors and more time processing orders. Not only can you process scripts sooner, you can also receive payment quicker by sending clean claims out the first time.

  • Track current work output compared to desired performance
  • Identify tasks that will soon be delayed as well as red alert items
  • Drill into delay details to quickly fix issues and learn how to prevent them in the future

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