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Reduce Denials and Collect More with CareTend

For more than 20 years, home infusion pharmacies have relied on Mediware’s complete revenue cycle management tools to streamline billing. By sending complete claims the first time, your pharmacy can bill quicker, reduce denials, and eliminate the need to re-work claims, enabling you to collect on your services without delay.

Flag infusion billing errors before they turn into costly denials

There’s no guessing if you will receive payment for a claim because CareTend’s automated compliance tools ensure that you meet all requirements before billing, so you see faster payments.

  • Auto-hold claims until all required documentation and authorizations are complete
  • Instantly create an NCPDP claim from a prescription
  • Post payments through 835 ERN posting with one click
  • Confirm patient eligibility instantly with Medicare and commercial payers
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Cut appeal times by 80%

Manually auditing and appealing denials can cost more than $25 for each claim. With CareTend’s ZirMed integration, you have all the relevant facts at your fingertips.

  • Send appeals in record time with paperless appeal management
  • See end-to-end denial history in a single screen
  • Track denials by type, workflow stage, and payer

Track crucial A/R metrics in seconds

Instantly see your revenue metrics with vivid dashboards and drill-down reports that eliminate the need for hard-to-read spreadsheets.

  • Monitor potential revenue loss due to inaccurate pricing
  • Analyze payment aging and adjustments across multiple locations
  • Identify old A/R, on-hold revenue, and unapplied cash by company
  • Trend historical A/R and forecast anticipated future predictions

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