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Automate Your Pharmacy with Real-Time Business Intelligence

Hundreds of home infusion providers across the country rely on Mediware’s real-time business intelligence to eliminate hours of manual reporting tasks each week. Know where your business stands at all times without the need for spreadsheets, paper, and handwritten formulas.

Eliminate data overload with easy-to-use tools

Every day, providers have access to a wealth of data in their systems. With CareTend BI, you can easily extract any data source that exists in CareTend and easily report on it in seconds.

  • Respond to payer audits in record time by pulling required data instantly
  • Create pivot table analysis for if/then reporting scenarios
  • Customize dashboards to monitor current, historical, and projected data trends

Automate instead of re-create

CareTend BI saves your staff valuable time because they can create reports once and auto-schedule them to run from now into the future. Using this approach, you never have to worry again about reporting tasks getting overlooked when staff are absent.

  • Stay current on your business performance using live data in the system
  • Deliver on-time reports for payers and manufacturers every time
  • Instantly spot errors before issues occur with real-time exception reporting

Track metrics crucial to your success

CareTend’s reporting tools allow you to see as little or as much detail as you like in one consolidated report, so you never have to sort through countless pages just to find a single data point.

  • Analyze profitability by payer, therapy, and referral source
  • Monitor revenue adjustments, bad debt reserve, DSO, and A/R aging
  • Identify when COGS is greater than expected
  • Track the productivity of each employee in real time

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