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Increase Your IV Collections and Reduce Bad Debt

How much of your current A/R is waiting for payment or is already deemed uncollectible? You can’t afford to leave money on the table. That’s why Mediware’s infusion billing team works for you to collect every dollar you are owed with complete outsourced billing services. With a trusted team of more than 60 billing experts, you can rest easy knowing your A/R is in good hands.

Grow your bottom line with proven results

For more than 20 years, we have helped infusion providers manage the constant changes in home infusion billing while improving financial stability and performance. Regardless of your current situation, we work for you to provide flexible consulting, short-term collection projects, and complete outsourced billing.

  • Reduce bad debt to 3% or less
  • Cash-to-net revenue results of 97%+
  • Maintain or lower DSO below 50 days

Maximize self-pay collections

Collecting patient payments can be a challenge without an effective model. Using a process that has increased collections for years, our team works directly with patients to understand their financial situations and determine the best ways to collect payment.

  • Aggressive patient calling and direct mail model
  • Arrange flexible payment options when needed

Identify areas for improvement with detailed audit analysis

Do you know how much of your A/R is more than 180 days old? You may be surprised to find the amount of A/R that is already uncollectible and negatively impacting your profit. Our team provides a clear picture of where your current A/R stands along with solutions for improving so that your revenue is maximized.

  • Analyze collectible, questionable, and uncollectible amounts
  • Review top payers for trends in your A/R
  • Track missing documentation and past-timely filing delays
  • Benchmark estimated collection amount vs. total current A/R balance

Eliminate staff turnover headaches

Finding experienced home infusion reimbursement staff can seem nearly impossible. With more than 60 Mediware billing experts on staff, we eliminate costly training and rehiring expenses and ensure that your billing never stops.

  • Save time and money by eliminating the need for recruiting, hiring, and training
  • Minimize recurring staff training costs and customer service errors

Track every dimension of your A/R with detailed reporting

Clearly see where your A/R stands with monthly and quarterly reporting on the metrics that determine your financial success.

  • Analyze bad debt, DSO, beginning and end A/R, and adjustments
  • Monitor billed vs. unbilled revenue and reasons for delays
  • Identify problem payers, payer contracts, and price matrices
  • Trend A/R over 180 days and monitor denials and their root causes

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