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Fill Prescriptions Accurately and On Time

Eliminate paper prescriptions and ensure on-time delivery of every order with Mediware’s trusted prescription processing tools, which are used across the country in hundreds of home infusion pharmacies.

Eliminate paper and save time with e-prescribing

CareTend is certified through Surescripts for prescription routing services. Now, you can easily dispense more each day without the headache of chasing paper.

  • Process scripts quickly by delivering patient data directly to the system
  • Reduce errors and eliminate the need to interpret handwritten prescriptions
  • Improve information sharing and reduce follow-up calls between pharmacists and physicians
  • Grow your referral networks by connecting with over 900,000 healthcare professionals

Prepare medications correctly every time

Your pharmacists receive clear instructions, ensuring that prescriptions are filled accurately every time. This reduces waste, protects you from liability, and safeguards your patients.

  • Auto-generate detailed compounding instructions
  • Prefill billing data and administration and storage instructions
  • Instantly notify staff when required details are missing
  • Print custom prescription and syringe labels quickly

Manage refills in half the time

Be sure that your patients always have their medications when they need them. Real-time updates built into the workflow notify your staff when refills are coming due.

  • Auto-schedule patient follow-up for refills
  • Display upcoming compounding dates to ensure scripts are filled
  • Never run out of supplies with instant warnings when you are running low

Track staff performance and increase output

A series of vivid dashboards and reports equip you to manage your business with all the data you need. You see your daily output along with the exact areas where you are excelling and where you can improve.

  • Identify pending scripts that require action before they can be dispensed
  • Analyze the time it takes to fill a prescription and the revisions required each day
  • Compare the amount of scripts processed each day versus your goal

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