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Process IV Point of Sale Transactions in Record Time

How much time do you spend on a single IV point of sale transaction? With CareTend, you can quickly process transactions so that patients are on their way within minutes, and you save money by using your existing hardware.

Speed transactions and improve customer satisfaction

CareTend eliminates long checkout lines by processing multiple supplies and even prescriptions in a single transaction. Your customers enjoy excellent service that keeps them happy and coming back to you again.

  • Reduce customer wait times with barcode scanning
  • Easily add oral/injectable prescriptions to transactions
  • Import working delivery tickets at the register to save time
  • Accept cash, check, credit card, on-account, or insurance payments

Simplify reporting and accurately track your cash

Numerous security settings protect you from malfeasance or human error. You control who can conduct POS transactions and access the reporting tools. You can even customize manager approval settings for daily transactions.

  • Analyze sales by cashier, inventory item, and location
  • Track each transaction with audit log details
  • Track gross sales, discounts, and outstanding revenue by patient
  • Monitor cash drawer discrepancies and the reasons why

Manage POS across multiple locations

Provide your customers the flexibility they deserve with access to POS inventory across multiple company locations.

  • Track current inventory counts across company locations
  • Update inventory transfers from one store to a new location
  • Analyze returns from all locations and track restocked vs. discarded items
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