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Locate Infusion Inventory in Seconds with CareTend

Manually tracking inventory and searching for supplies takes hours out of your day that you can’t afford to waste. Learn why thousands of people trust Mediware’s real-time inventory tracking, which allows your staff to know your actual inventory counts at all times.

Eliminate manual work and reduce errors

CareTend’s barcode scanning technology simplifies inventory control so that you spend less time tracking inventory and more time serving patients.

  • Automate ordering, receiving, warehousing, and withdrawal
  • Maintain real-time perpetual inventory using “first in, first out” tracking
  • Create and submit POs instantly through our interface with Medical Specialties Distributors (MSD)

Never run out of supplies

Accurately track current inventory levels with CareTend, so you never have too much or too little on hand.

  • Automate alerts to trigger reorders when stock is low
  • Track drugs that are soon to expire
  • Monitor committed quantities, par levels, and cost of goods sold by lot
  • Manage costing/reorders electronically through our interface with Cardinal Health’s PO system

Report inventory metrics instantly

Managing your inventory and the related data shouldn’t be a hassle. With CareTend, you can easily monitor your inventory with real-time tracking and reporting.

  • Track inventory by drug name, location, NDC code, or manufacturer
  • Identify quantity changes and the reasons why
  • Monitor inventory usage by amount dispensed across multiple locations

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