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Locate Patient Records Instantly with CareTend

More than 10,000 users each day trust Mediware’s secure paperless documentation to save hours each week and ensure compliance. Now is a great time to end the paper chase so that you can locate documents within seconds and gather everything needed for billing the first time.

Automatically assign incoming files to the right place

Easily import faxes, paper documents, and digital files into the system with the touch of a button.

  • Track all incoming documents in an easy-to-use work queue
  • Add barcodes, notes, or highlighted references to any file
  • Instantly lock documents in use to eliminate concurrent user edits
  • Automatically assign files to the correct patients, payers, physicians, or inventory items
Complete Detailed Written Orders Maximize Your Infusion Reimbursements
Advanced Beneficiary Notices (ABNs) What is Valid Use

Collect required infusion documentation the first time for fast reimbursement

CareTend equips your intake staff with a seamless process that collects all required documentation from the start. CareTend also integrates with Medicare fee schedules to ensure that you have everything needed for billing and fast reimbursement.

  • Instantly see pending orders that are missing documentation
  • Create custom supporting documentation, assessments, and care plans
  • Quickly locate ICD-10 codes for items not yet updated or lacking a 1-1 match
  • Auto-generate state-specific controlled substance reporting

Locate patient data in seconds

Avoid searching through endless screens with the powerful document management tools in CareTend. A handy snapshot of patient information in one screen provides drill-down details instantly.

  • View patient eligibility, account balance, and insurance balance
  • Analyze referral sources, diagnosis, payers, and physician details
  • Store multiple drug allergies, medical history, and diagnosis code data
  • Drill into billed-versus-expected revenue for each patient along with adjustments
physical therapy documentation software

Secure your data with customized privileges

You can protect confidential patient health information by controlling the access each employee has to the data.

  • Specify which staff members and departments can access specific data
  • Manage security privileges across multiple company locations
  • Track changes in the system with automated audit logs

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