Deliver More in Less Time with CareTend Anywhere

CareTend Anywhere is our mobile application that equips your drivers with web-based route planning, real-time delivery updates, and electronic signature capture, so your patients get their medications on time every time. What makes it even better is that you don’t need to add any costly hardware. Simply use your Internet-enabled Android or iOS devices with Google Chrome or Safari to complete your deliveries.

Avoid wasting time and fuel with our cloud-based logistics

CareTend Anywhere connects your drivers anywhere they travel because it replaces paper tickets and manual route planning with web-based tools that equip you to complete more deliveries with fewer errors.

  • Automatically map and update the most efficient routes
  • Modify order quantities from any location
  • Rush new orders to the closest delivery vehicles
  • Capture e-signatures in the field to quickly bill upon delivery

Track deliveries in real time

CareTend clearly shows you the location of every order in the field. Time stamps let you easily track how long it takes for patients to receive their supplies. You also see reasons for delays, so you can make changes for future deliveries.

  • Identify unconfirmed delivery tickets that require action
  • Validate addresses during route mapping
  • Monitor orders that still need printed tickets and identify backlogs instantly
  • Remain HIPAA compliant by logging out mobile users who are inactive for 20 minutes or longer

Improve customer satisfaction with on-time infusion delivery

Home infusion patients rely on you to provide their medications on time. CareTend allows minute-by-minute updates of deliveries in the field, so your patients can be confident that you have the delivery of their medications under control.

  • Provide instant updates to patients on UPS and FedEx deliveries
  • Ensure patients receive the correct supplies with bluetooth barcode technology
  • Access equipment history and complete equipment log entries and profiles for patients
  • Record attempted deliveries and add notes to delivery tickets