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Speed Order Processing with CareTend’s Real-Time Workflow

For more than 20 years, the nation’s top HME providers have relied on Mediware to manage complex workflows and multi-site operations. With our latest solution, CareTend, you can improve your daily output by tracking workflow progress in real time. Instantly spot errors and see the status of every order in one easy-to-use dashboard tool.

Process orders in record time

CareTend tracks orders at every stage of the process using automated work queues. Account for every order, and allow staff to quickly process requests without delay.

  • Automatically advance orders to the next stage when tasks are completed
  • Eliminate work confusion and assign staff members to specific work queues
  • Easily view the status of orders across multiple company locations

Spot bottlenecks instantly

Within a single dashboard, you can easily see where backlogs occur and fix issues in real time. From patients that still have incomplete documentation to orders that are waiting for billing – you can see it all and drill into the system for greater insight.

  • Benchmark current work output compared to your goal
  • Identify high-alert action tasks with instant warnings
  • Drill into each stage of the process to see the root cause of the delay

Monitor daily staff performance

Easily track the output of staff members, and identify top performers and others that may need more training. Monitor the amount of work that needs to be redone every day, and analyze how to improve your processes with objective data.

  • Track how long it takes for staff to complete tasks, and monitor daily output
  • Customize refresh settings so that you always see the most recent data
  • Control who has access to specific areas of the workflow

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