Cut Reporting Time in Half with CareTend Business Intelligence

How much time do you devote each week to pulling reports for stakeholders, internal staff, or just to see how your business is performing? With CareTend Business Intelligence (BI), you can eliminate the hours you spend each week running manual reports and, instead, let the system do the work for you. Automated HME reporting tools deliver the exact data you need to see — on your timetable.

See where your business stands in real time

CareTend accesses live data in the system, which allows you to know instantly how your business is performing and enables you to spot backlogs in real time.

  • Customize dashboards to see current metrics and trending data
  • Track A/R aging, unbilled A/R, bad debt reserve, and DSO in a single screen
  • Benchmark referrals, new orders, deliveries, and new patients compared to your goals

Create custom reports instantly

Eliminate spreadsheets and handwritten calculations. CareTend BI allows you to create ad-hoc reporting in seconds using multiple data fields in the system.

  • Create live pivot-table analysis in record time
  • Track profitability by referral source and payer
  • Access more than 100 data fields within a single report

Save time by eliminating hard-to-use spreadsheets

Auto-schedule reports so that they always run. The system will never go on vacation or forget to run the report, so you will always have the data you need.

  • Receive reports in your inbox before you even get to work
  • Schedule daily reports that identify when COGS is greater than expected
  • Spot errors in real time with automated exception reporting

Increase data security with customized privileges

Regardless of your business size or number of locations, you maintain complete data protection and security.

  • Control which data, dashboards, and reports each employee can view
  • Manage data access and sharing across multiple locations
  • Quickly pull audit details for all reports that have been accessed by staff