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Reduce Denials and Increase Your Cash Flow

If you are like many providers, you are flooded with audits and denials that drain your revenue and slow your productivity. But if you want to improve your overall A/R, Mediware’s reimbursement team can help you by analyzing what is bringing down your revenue. Our results with leading HME, DME, home infusion, and respiratory companies across the country prove that you can trust us to handle your HME billing and grow your collections while you focus on patient care.

Collect your cash sooner and maximize collections

Because you can’t afford to guess when or if you will receive payment, our trusted team of more than 60 billing experts work to collect every dollar through our flexible collection projects, audit analysis, and outsourced billing services.

  • Receive payment sooner with a guaranteed DSO below 50 days
  • Minimize bad debt to 3% or less
  • Expand your cash-to-net revenue by 97%
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Target denials at their root cause

Are you aware of the real reasons your claims are denied? If you don’t know why your claims are rejected, the cycle will continue. Our team verifies the reasons for each denial and works hands-on with payers so that you collect more and avoid time-consuming revisions.

  • Identify missing documentation and past-timely filings
  • Assign correct billing codes and recurring rental items for payment
  • Post denials to your system and process quickly

Simplify patient-pay follow up

Increase your self-pay collections using our time-tested follow-up model that provides flexibility for patients and brings in the cash you are owed.

  • Increase communication with aggressive calling and direct mail options
  • Arrange flexible payment options to improve collection rates
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Gain a 360-degree view of your A/R

See a clear picture of where your A/R stands with detailed monthly and quarterly reporting on metrics vital to your success. Get answers to your A/R questions during one-on-one discussions with your exclusive account manager.

  • Track revenue adjustments versus bad debt adjustments
  • Review top payers, payer contract changes, and price matrices
  • Analyze A/R over 180 days, DSO, and write-offs

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