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Maximize Collections and Reduce
Write-Offs with Trusted Reimbursement Consulting

Are you struggling with denials, write-offs, and low collection rates? With Mediware’s reimbursement team, you have access to more than 60 reimbursement specialists, all of whom have years of home infusion and DME experience. As a result, you get the answers that can turn your business around and proven results to increase your collections.

Gain a clear picture of your A/R with detailed audit analysis

The first step to increasing your collections is to evaluate your current A/R and identify issues that prevent your accounts from being collectible. With our complete audit analysis, you’ll gain a 360-degree view of your A/R so that you can identify outstanding A/R and learn how to resolve issues going forward. This detailed audit includes:

  • A 6-month snapshot of your financial performance, with detailed reporting
  • A summary of your A/R by payer class and aging along with a summary of problems identified in the larger categories and recommendations for getting on track
  • An analysis of the top 25 – 50 highest dollar claims, including whether the balance is collectible, with further assumptions based on the results of this analysis
  • Examination of adjustments, write-offs, and DSO along with recommendations for improvement
  • Discovery of issues with problem payers and reasons for claim denials

Improve your internal processes with IV and DME billing and/or collection training

If you are not ready to outsource your reimbursement functions but want to be sure your staff understands the complex reimbursement process for home IV and DME, we can help with that, too. Our reimbursement staff will work closely with your team to uncover process improvements, staffing concerns, and training needs. We can customize a training program to suit your business.

  • Review the process of billing for home IV and DME claims, including billing checks and balances to ensure clean claims are created
  • Provide staff education on specific billing areas, such as billing out-of-network claims, Medicare Part B billing guidelines, and more
  • Review techniques for successful collections, which may be unique to home care businesses
  • Evaluate your current staffing models and identify if gaps exist

Identify the true value of your business with due diligence services

Is your business looking to sell, merge, or acquire another company? Mediware’s reimbursement team delivers detailed business valuation and acquisition due diligence services, providing an accurate view of what your business is worth or confirming that the revenue booked is accurate and remaining A/R is clean.

  • Validate home infusion, DME, and specialty pharmacy A/R
  • Analyze the collectability of the A/R and whether it’s overstated or understated
  • Evaluate revenue booked over the last three current months to confirm accuracy
  • Compare six month cash-to-net revenue
  • Perform additional reviews upon request

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