Grow Your Retail Sales with CareTend Point-of-Sale

Whether your HME is starting retail or you have been in retail for some time, you deserve a reliable system that can deliver value to your customers without costing your business a fortune. CareTend Point-of Sale can help you expand retail sales without expensive hardware, so you can get started today.

Customize your POS to fit your unique business needs

Whether your business is a single site or several locations, CareTend integrates with them all so that you can clearly see all transactions, inventory items, and sales, regardless of your location.

  • Avoid expensive startup costs by using your own hardware
  • Set unique pricing and discounts for each location
  • Personalize cash receipts with your company name and reorder information
  • Centralize POS data from all your locations, and quickly transfer inventory between locations

Control access, so you know your data is secure

With CareTend, you can easily control which staff members have access to specific areas within the POS work area for increased security and tracking.

  • Assign clerks to individual workstations
  • Allow only managers to access reporting tools
  • Require manager approval if cash drawer is opened more than once per transaction
  • Analyze each transaction with audit log details

Monitor performance and security with detailed reporting

Why spend hours creating spreadsheet reports when the system can do this for you? With CareTend, managers can easily track revenue, see top-performing staff, and monitor performance across locations.

  • Analyze sales by cashier, inventory item, and location
  • Monitor cash drawer discrepancies and the reasons why
  • Track returns, and see which items are restocked or discarded

Process customer orders in record time

Once customers make their selections, they want to check out and be on their way. CareTend quickly processes transactions and provides flexible options for customers at the same time.

  • Scan items instantly with barcode scanners, or search items in the system
  • Create a courtesy CMS-1500 claim form for patients
  • Accept cash, check, credit card, on-account, or insurance payment
  • Import working delivery tickets at the register to save time