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Track Inventory in Less Time with Barcode Technology

Why spend hours manually counting inventory when you can automate instead? CareTend’s HME inventory tools save time using barcode technology that locates inventory instantly. Regardless of your company’s size, you will always know exact inventory counts to ensure that you never run out.

Increase cash on hand with just-in-time delivery

CareTend’s barcode technology tracks inventory in real time and takes the guesswork out of knowing your true inventory supply.

  • Automate receiving, creating purchase orders, and updating inventory counts
  • Scan orders before delivery to catch errors and automatically adjust supply levels
  • Instant warnings notify staff when inventory is running low to ensure reorder

Instantly locate item-specific details

Create custom filters so that you can easily find inventory data in less time.

  • Track purchase cost, rental pricing, and depreciation
  • Create custom alerts for items that require special staff attention
  • Monitor total inventory, available quantity, and amount in the field

Breeze through equipment maintenance

Reduce equipment downtime with detailed equipment history. Inventory stays in constant rotation so that you can generate more revenue that would otherwise be waiting for repair in your warehouse.

  • Instantly see when preventive maintenance is due for each item
  • Identify returns that are out of service, need cleaning, or require repair
  • Create pick-up tickets automatically to ensure equipment stays in rotation

Manage inventory across multiple locations

Whether you are in the field, warehouse, or at one of your multiple locations, CareTend gives inventory updates so that you stay connected in real time.

  • Transfer inventory from one location to another
  • Customize min. and max. levels for each warehouse
  • Track items across multiple suppliers, manufacturers, and locations