paperless documentation

Go Paperless and Increase Compliance with CareTend

Why waste hours locating patient records and searching for required audit documentation when you can locate these items instantly? CareTend’s HME document management tools give you instant drill-down details that satisfy any documentation requests you may have. The result: Your staff has more time to provide great customer service!

Speed intake and reduce errors

CareTend eliminates duplicate records, ensures every file is assigned correctly, and makes file retrieval a breeze.

  • Scan and attach all documents directly to patient, payer, and physician records
  • Quickly assign equipment warranties to inventory items
  • Automatically add barcodes to documents printed from the system

Respond to audits in record time

It’s only a matter of time before your business receives an audit (if it hasn’t already). With CareTend, you can quickly respond to audit requests and file appeals when appropriate – all in half the time. Every piece of data you need is right where you need it so that audits don’t bring your day to a screeching halt.

  • Instantly pull required patient records, time stamp data, and other documentation in the system
  • Track every change with automated audit logs
  • Analyze the root causes of audits with user-defined fields

Meet complex oxygen requirements

Easily keep track of your oxygen patients to ensure that supplies are delivered on time and that you are reimbursed promptly.

  • Track and report oxygen items by lot number
  • Record oxygen liter flow, PO2, test date, and test location data
  • Automatically generate invoices for maintenance and service fees

Stay compliant with Medicare and secondary payers

Staying current with the latest industry regulations doesn’t have to be a daunting challenge. CareTend updates changes from Medicare daily, so you don’t have to.

  • Auto-generate CMNs and SMNs that comply with Medicare fee schedules
  • Create custom supporting documentation forms including WOPD
  • Easily import custom patient documents from external payers
  • Manage state-specific tax rules for each patient and company