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Drive Your DME Revenue Growth

Hundreds of DME providers across the nation rely on Mediware’s billing tools to ensure clean claim submission and increased cash flow. With CareTend, you can analyze crucial A/R metrics instantly and spend less time responding to denials so that you can devote more time to patients.

Send complete claims for fast reimbursement

Why spend hours each day revising claims that are missing required information when you can send them correctly the first time? CareTend automates complex billing requirements for you so that claims are processed without delay.

  • Automatically create CMNs and SMNs for physician signature
  • Quickly identify outstanding claims that need action
  • Prevent errors by holding claims until required documentation is received
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Manage denials in less time

Studies show that 90% of all denials are preventable, and 67% of all denials are appealable. But responding to denials can take hours out of your day, so Mediware has partnered with ZirMed to provide a seamless integration with CareTend that eliminates denial headaches.

  • Speed denial processing time with 100% paperless appeal management
  • Reduce time spent identifying the root causes of denials by 80%
  • Track denials that are on hold, reviewed, pending approval, or currently on appeal

Lower DSO and increase cash flow

CareTend allows you to collect for your services sooner so that you can focus more on patient care and less on the fine details.

  • Customize insurance settings for pricing, documentation, and billing
  • Post payments instantly with one-click 835 ERN posting
  • Expedite refills and resupply orders with web portal access

Track every detail of your A/R in real time

Eliminate the need to create spreadsheets and run manual reports just to see a few details of your A/R. CareTend gives you a clear picture of every detail that makes up your A/R – in half the time. Auto-scheduled reports save hours by delivering the data you need on your timetable.

  • Track potential lost revenue due to inaccurate pricing
  • Identify DSO by payer, DSO versus your target, and A/R adjustments
  • Analyze A/R that is greater than 120 days and reasons for unbilled A/R
  • Trend six month data by revenue, new orders, and total cash to see where you are headed

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