Speed HME Delivery and Bill Faster with Real-Time Logistic Tools

How much time do you currently spend scheduling, completing, and confirming deliveries? CareTend automates all aspects of your HME delivery process and cuts delivery time in half by connecting your drivers to your office in real time.

Shorten routes and process more deliveries with smart technology

Now, you can eliminate paper delivery tickets and update deliveries in the system in real time. CareTend reduces shipping times with cloud-based tools.

  • Map and update the most efficient routes based on real-time traffic data
  • Forward rush new orders to the nearest delivery trucks in the shortest time
  • Change/update quantities for delivery from any location
  • Capture digital signatures in the field, so you can bill deliveries seconds after they occur

Adapt instantly to changes in the field

You always know the location of every driver and the status of every delivery. Real-time updates improve communication between office staff, drivers, and patients so that you can deliver on time, every time.

  • Provide instant updates on UPS® and FedEx® deliveries when requested
  • Enhance patient service with real-time delivery status updates
  • Record attempted deliveries and add notes to delivery tickets

Manage your business from any location

Easily view on-hand inventory quantities, last cost, manufacturer, and supplier information with barcode technology.

  • Update the status of inventory items in the field
  • Record equipment maintenance, update serial numbers, and create POs
  • Assign barcodes to all items to reduce errors and access detailed information instantly