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Gain an Edge in Competitive Bidding

Since 1994, the nation’s top HME providers have used Mediware software, which now helps manage the daily struggles of competitive bidding. With CareTend, your business has the advantage because you can accurately track your true cost of doing business, allowing you to win more bids and collect what you are owed.

Create smarter bids by knowing your true business costs

CareTend reporting tools show you the true cost of your services. You never submit competitive bids that are too high to win or too low to make money. The eye-opening Revenue Impact Analysis Tool projects your revenue outlook based on your bid and calculates how it can change if you lose Medicare bid patients.

  • Identify your best bid options with detailed analyses of product categories by location
  • Make smarter decisions with comparisons of competitive/non-competitive bid areas
  • Track the number of patients in each bidding area you serve

Instantly spot patients in bidding zones

Eliminate the hassle of trying to identify which patients are in competitive bidding areas. CareTend does all the work for you.

  • Instant alerts notify staff when a patient is in a competitive bidding area
  • Stay current with product warning notifications based on ZIP code
  • Create custom rules by product, ZIP code, and specific round of competitive bidding

Protect your revenue by serving only those who qualify

Fill only the orders that you know will qualify for payment so that your bottom line doesn’t suffer in the process.

  • Book revenue using the expected SPA for Medicare patients located in that bid area
  • Fulfill orders for winning product categories and prevent processing for categories you haven’t won
  • Identify non-Medicare orders and quickly process for fast reimbursement
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