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Smiling young female doctor working at the clinic reception, she is using a computer and writing medical reports

Discover a Game-Changing Approach to Home Care with CareTend

More than 10,000 people rely on Mediware home care software each day to manage complex workflows, payer compliance, and growing patient populations. With our latest solution, CareTend, you can streamline your HME, home infusion, and specialty pharmacy operations using one scalable software suite.

Regardless of your business size, number of locations, or deployment preferences, CareTend provides flexibility to fit to your business instead of changing your business to fit the software.

Stay connected in real time with CareTend Anywhere

CareTend Anywhere allows your staff to access the application from any location and device so that you can easily manage patient data, deliveries, and track information in real time.

  • Supports any device running Chrome or Safari browsers
  • Automatically update new order deliveries for drivers with MapQuest turn-by-turn directions
  • Rearrange delivery schedules for last-minute changes from the field
  • Capture digital signatures in the field with real-time confirmation and proof of delivery

Cut reporting time in half with CareTend business intelligence

CareTend BI allows your staff to examine every layer of your data within a single dashboard tool.

Using live data in the system, CareTend BI monitors your KPIs and tracks historical data to improve decision making and lead your business into the future.

  • Create custom ad-hoc reporting with pivot-table analysis
  • Auto-schedule reports to deliver exact data on your timetable
  • Spot errors in real time with automated exception reporting
  • Track key performance indicators with customized dashboards

Speed workflow output with real-time tracking

Eliminate your manual processes and rely on CareTend’s automated workflow tracking to increase staff output and spot backlogs instantly.

  • Monitor the status of work across single and multi-site locations with real-time indicator warnings.
  • Create up to six user-defined graphs with metrics that you choose
  • Clearly define work, and connect your staff to a single dashboard tool
  • Manage bottleneck concerns before they become major issues

Manage your business your way

CareTend focuses on adapting to your unique business model so that you can manage your data and operations on your timetable.

  • Enhance your security by controlling when/who can log in and access information
  • Reduce time spent locating data with customized favorites options for each user
  • Choose CareTend hosted or on-premise deployment
  • Accommodate your growing business with CareTend’s scalable platform

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