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The Current HME Landscape

Written by: Kimberly Commito on Tuesday, September 8, 2015 Posted in: HME/DME

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As an HME provider, are you struggling to stay afloat with everything currently transpiring in the industry, such as the impending ICD-10 implementation on Oct. 1, 2015? In addition to ICD-10, there are many other challenges affecting providers, all of whom are running as lean as possible with current reimbursement rates.

Earlier this month, CMS announced the bidding timeline for Round 1 2017, and the contract period has been shortened from three years to two. Registration was originally to take place from August 25 through October 23 and has now been extended through November 20,  with the bid window being open from October 16 through December 16. In a call to the CBIC offices, they are not yet saying if the bid window itself will be extended and say that any announcements regarding an extension to the bid windown will be close to or after the October 16 opening.

The shortened contract period combined with the bid window being so close to the start of ICD-10—and all the unknowns that all providers are facing regarding claim submission and reimbursement—may affect your decision on whether or not to bid. The shortened contract period has led some to speculate that it could result in fewer bidders. If the number of bidders or bid winners decreases, what kind of effect will it have on patient care?

.If you are a Florida Medicaid provider, you’re also still reeling from the recent collapse of Univita Health, the contractor for 10 of the 14 Medicaid plans in the state of Florida. In the past month, providers have been scrambling in an attempt to become in-network with the health plans, many of which aren’t accepting new in-network providers or are only issuing 60-day agreements.

Finally, let’s not forget the ongoing audits, accreditation demands, documentation changes and requests, etc. Providers are juggling so many balls right now it can be a struggle to keep them all in the air. Therefore, now is the time to focus on efficiencies and rely on your software applications to do as much of the work for you as possible. See how Mediware can take your HME to a new level! 

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