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New Drug Approved for all Hep C Strains

Written by: Darren Young on Monday, August 28, 2017 Posted in: Specialty Pharmacy

AbbVie’s Mavyret™ treats all six major strains in just 8 weeks.

A new weapon is now available in the battle against chronic hepatitis C, and it offers several benefits over its predecessors—most notably, shortened treatment time. The drug, called Mavyret, is a once-daily, ribavirin-free treatment requiring just 8 weeks rather than the standard 12 weeks.

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Mavyret showed an overall 98% cure rate across all major genotypes and can also be used to treat patients with genotype 1 infection who were not successfully treated with other direct-acting antiviral treatments previously, according to FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research. The most common side effects were headache and tiredness.

This new hep C treatment is from Chicago-based pharmaceutical maker AbbVie, which has reportedly priced the pan-genotypic medication at $26,400 for the entire course of treatment. This compares to list prices of nearly $28,000 for AbbVie’s own Viekira Pak and $31,500 for Gilead’s Harvoni.

“The approval of Mavyret demonstrates AbbVie’s commitment to advancing science to help address unmet needs by delivering a new cure for patients who historically had limited treatment options, including those with genotype 3 HCV, individuals with CKD, and certain DAA failure patients,” said Michael Severino, M.D., executive vice president, research and development, and chief scientific officer for AbbVie.

Despite the lower price, access to this treatment could still be challenging for some, so you may need to encourage those patients to check prescription assistance programs. To help patients experience the best possible outcomes, utilize your CareTend system to manage prescription assistance benefits and adherence during the 8-week regimen.

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