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A Glimpse into the HME Crystal Ball: Predicting the Future of HME/DME Technology

Written by: Kimberly Commito on Monday, July 20, 2015 Posted in: HME/DME

A Glimpse into the HME Crystal Ball Predicting the Future of HMEDME Technology

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services report that, since 2006, spending on durable medical equipment (DME) has risen steadily from $32.9 billion to well over $40 billion today. And, due to our aging population, total spending is projected to be nearly $71 billion by 2021—more than double the 2006 figure. Clearly, the market is poised for change. Will technology change with it?

Given the tangled web of requirements for billing and documentation, providers have been forced to embrace automation to survive. Some of the key features available, such as electronic documentation and tracking of critical information, have proved essential to the health and well-being of HME/DME businesses.

Beyond meeting the basic survival needs of payer requirements, however, software offerings have evolved to include features that save time and money and generally make operations easier and more efficient.

For example, signatures can be captured and deliveries confirmed at the point of care, which enables efficient processing and timely claim filing. And inventory management tools allow providers to effortlessly track equipment and successfully manage capital investments from a cost and maintenance perspective. While these processes represent significant progress, HME technology now seems headed toward in-depth and seamless integration between related software applications.

The ability to integrate with suppliers, payers and other related service providers will further streamline operations but will also require careful scrutiny to ensure that the data shared between platforms is secure. In addition, when updates are released and new features are introduced, software suppliers will focus on minimizing the operational impact of updates and new features. Ease of use will be at the forefront because HME/DME businesses and their growing client base will demand it.

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