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HME Documentation Kit: Are You Prepared?

Written by: Rebecca Bowden on Monday, November 16, 2015 Posted in: HME/DME

docimageWhen faced with audit letters, claim denials, and tightened reimbursements that impact the bottom line, it’s tough for HME providers to survive, let alone thrive.

Although these issues are very real in this market and cause pressure on employees and other stakeholders, there are preventive measures you can take to prepare your business so that when audit letters arrive in the mail, responding doesn’t bring your business to a screeching halt.

Consider the following documentation checklist to see how you company stacks up.

1. Compliance plans and protocols: A complete compliance plan can help prevent your employees from violating federal, state and local laws and CMS regulations. Do you currently have a plan that outlines internal audits, external reviews of contracts and employee conduct expectations?

2. Risk management documentation: Look for areas of potential risk to both employees and patients in the workplace to minimize the likelihood of problems down the road. These areas could include improperly trained personnel working with patients, equipment and medications; faulty and/or improperly maintained medical equipment; or even improper maintenance of delivery vehicles. In the event that an injury does occur, document this in a separate file with an injury report.

3. Electronic documentation: Assess your current documentation processes and evaluate how electronic documentation is currently used in your organization, so you can minimize claim denials and be prepared to respond appropriately to audits. Paper and file folders are not efficient or reliable storage and can seriously delay your audit response. Instead, use electronic documentation so you have access to billing information, claims monitoring, physician licensure verification, equipment tracking and history.

With these types of documentation in place, you can prepare your HME business and withstand the challenges that are sure to arise. For information about how Mediware can effectively manage your HME documentation, click here.

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