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Reclaim Revenue from Aging Receivables with Short-Term Collection Projects

Are you struggling to manage your aged accounts receivable? With Mediware’s flexible collection project services, you can leave the most challenging collections to us. Our industry experts will help get your aged receivables back on track while your in-house team remains focused on meeting your pharmacy or DME business’ daily billing needs.

Minimize outstanding A/R and receive the payments you are owed

It doesn’t take long for outstanding A/R to get backlogged and become overdue receivables that drain your bottom line or, worse, become past timely filing or timely appeal with no chance to collect. Mediware’s trusted reimbursement staff is here to help by ensuring your A/R has timely and appropriate follow-up. Anyone can make a status call, but it requires expert industry knowledge to resolve old, unpaid, or short-paid claims.

    • Client determines the A/R target to send to Mediware, starting from 30 days to over 180 days
    • You only pay a percentage based on what is collected so that we only get paid when you do
    • Our team investigates why the A/R is outstanding, including changes in insurance, patient information, partial payments, and other billing discrepancies, so that we can quickly resolve errors

Resolve problem payer and therapy-specific billing issues

DME and home infusion billing may be among the most complex in healthcare. That’s why many providers rely on Mediware Reimbursement Services to manage their most challenging payer accounts and/or therapy types. With our team tackling the time-consuming billing issues, your in-house staff can easily manage the rest of your accounts.

    • Our team works with payers to understand the underlying reasons for denials, billing issues, and short-paid claims
    • We get the resolution you expect from Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, and other commercial payers

View our progress and help your team improve its efforts

Clients can monitor how our collection efforts are progressing and what lessons can be learned from the project.

    • We work within your existing system, so you can always monitor our activity
    • You will receive monthly summaries outlining the results along with payer issues and suggestions we have identified
    • We provide details on why claims have been denied so that issues can be avoided going forward, including billing codes, billing format, missing documentation, timely filing, and therapy-specific requirements

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