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Maximize Your Revenue and Reduce Bad Debt with Mediware’s Trusted Reimbursement Services

With the tight reimbursement margins of the home infusion and DME industries, it is crucial that you collect every dollar on all of the services you provide. That’s why there is Mediware Reimbursement Services—your one stop shop for all of your reimbursement needs. From full outsourcing billing and collections, partial outsourcing, collection projects, and consulting—our reimbursement team of over 60 billing experts work for you to collect on every dollar you are owed.

Eliminate billing headaches with full outsourced billing and collections

We gladly work with problem payers, work to resolve audits, and quickly respond to denials.

Get the results you need without the hassle

Improve your cash flow with an average cash to net revenue of 97%, bad debt of 3% or less, and DSO of 50 days or less.

Improve staff training and maximize your collections

From internal staff training to trusted due diligence and business valuation services, our team works closely with your staff to identify areas that can make your business more efficient and profitable.

Get help collecting outstanding A/R when you need it

Choose our flexible collection project option to keep your team focused on the day-to-day billing tasks while we work to reclaim revenue from aging or hard-to-collect accounts.

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