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Why Mediware?

Free your team from compliance worries to focus on patient care and research

Cellular therapy and regenerative medicine are revolutionizing the future of healthcare, with new breakthroughs announced almost every day. Protecting this pipeline of modern miracles now requires a single, specialized system that fully integrates all of the complex components of cellular therapy — from donor registration and product management through patient education and care to outcomes management and reporting.
That’s why Mediware is bringing the lessons it has learned as the leader in blood technologies to this vital new area of healthcare. With Mediware’s strong history of leadership in blood solutions, the natural expansion of cellular therapy solutions is a simple one.

Our Transtem™ solution brings a comprehensive platform of cellular therapy management to your hospital or lab. Outcomes tracking. Compliance tools. Quality improvement. You don’t need an expert in every area of the CT business, to excel. All you need is Transtem and a burning passion to make healthcare better.

Developed by clinicians using a knowledge-base refined over years of practical use in both clinical and research environments, Transtem’s powerful lab and product management software bridges donor, clinician, product and patient information into a single, easy-to-use platform. The simple, Web-based interface means easy, intuitive navigation for your donors, patients and clinicians. That means better communication and improved data sharing and integrity across the entire care process.

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