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White Paper: Cellular Therapy Accreditation

Download this white paper for insights and guidance on cellular therapy accreditation. You will learn about the accreditation process, steps to achieving and maintaining accreditation, benefits of accreditation, and how cellular therapy software can simplify the entire process.

White Paper: Effective use of an Online Portal to Manage Cord Blood Donors and Collection Staff: The Institute of Transfusion Medicine (ITxM) Experience

Abstract: Could a portal be used by Cord Blood Banks to increase donations, improve donor education and information sharing and manage the registration, training and competency of collection staff? Clinical portals have been successfully adopted in medical practices as a…

White Paper: Cellular Therapy Compliance Guide

Ensure Your Organization Meets CGMP and CGTP Requirements Sorting through the extensive list of regulations for Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) and Current Good Tissue Practices (CGTP) can seem overwhelming. However, failure to meet these requirements is even worse! See how…

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