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Recorded Webinar with Michael Boo: How to Build an Effective National Inventory of Publicly Available Cord Blood Units


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Watch the recorded webinar to hear Michael Boo, Cheif Strategy Officer of the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP), speak on how to build a more effective national inventory of publicly available cord blood units.

 Webinar Summary

A national inventory of over 240,000 publicly available cord blood units have been banked to date. However, many of these units will never be used for transplantation due to size. Given the scarce resources and plateauing demand for unrelated cord blood transplants, a new approach to building the inventory must occur in order to assure high quality units are being banked and methods for maintaining this inventory are pursued.


You will learn:

  • How current inventory is being utilized for unrelated cord blod transplantation;
  • The economics of public cord blood banking;
  • How an effective inventory can be developed to address the need for umbilical cord blood banking in transplantation yet still maintain the economic health of cord blood banks;
  • Understand trends in transplantation and cellular therapies that may impact cord blood banking in the future.

Michael Boo, J.D., will help you understand the dynamics of cord blood banking, and an effective approach to address the need for umbilical cord blood banking in transplantation.

Speaker Bio

MichaelBoo_05Michael J. Boo is the NMDP’s Chief Strategy Officer. He joined the NMDP in 2001. His contributions include the redesign and implementation of a new strategic planning process that has helped guide substantial growth at NMDP. This process was also used to guide creation of the Center for Cord Blood in 2003, and expand NMDP growth in cord blood in the United States from 15 to 90 percent of the market. Boo has identified and developed new products and services significantly impacting bottom-line revenue. His development of new relationships within the extensive NMDP network of national and international partners has resulted in the addition of new registries to the NMDP. Boo provided leadership and oversight for legislative activities; was instrumental in establishing a new federal funding program for cord blood inventory growth, which has provided more than $85 million to date. He continues to pursue other strategies to continue and expand government funding sources. More recently, he led a number of initiatives to address deficiencies in reimbursement for transplant related-costs by both public and private payers.
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