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Recorded Webinar with Kate Girard: Novel Applications for Newborn Stem Cells: Exploring Regenerative Properties

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Watch the recorded webinar to hear Kate Girard, Director of Clinical Affairs and Regenerative Medicine at ViaCord, speak about novel applications for newborn stem cells.

 Webinar Summary

Cord blood stem cells have traditionally been used in the bone marrow transplant model to reconstitute the blood and immune system. However, there is interest in exploring other ways these cells could be applied to a wide range of degenerative conditions. This presentation will address umbilical cord tissue as an additional source of newborn stem cells and will review the pre-clinical and clinical work being conducted with these two types of cells outside of the traditional transplant model — including models/studies of neurological damage, cardiac, and autoimmune conditions.


You will learn:

  • The different sources of cell types that compose newborn stem cells;
  • Current regenerative medicine applications of cord blood stem cells based on pre-clinical and clinical studies; and
  • The potential future applications for cord-tissue-derived stem cells alone or in combination with cord blood.

Kate Girard, RN, MSN, discusses the novel applications for newborn stem cells, current regenerative medicine applications of cord blood stem cells, and potential future applications of cord-tissue-derived stem cells.

Speaker Bio


Kate Girard has worked with Viacord for 13 years in stem cell collection, preservation and utilization. She monitors the release and tracking of any stem cell product from Viacord storage. Kate leads ViaCord’s regenerative medicine team, working to identify and explore research in new applications for stem cells derived from cord blood and cord tissue.

Kate has co-authored several abstracts on transplant outcomes and preclinical work using cord blood and cord tissue stem cells. She has presented widely at industry meetings and continuing medical education venues for obstetric professionals.

Kate, whose clinical background is in obstetrics, holds bachelors’ degrees in both biology and nursing, a master’s in women’s health nursing and a post-graduate certificate in clinical research.


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