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Recorded Webinar: Shape-up Your Document, Training and Compliance Management with KnowledgeTrak™

Watch the recording to see how you can easily manage your training, competencies and SOP’s online. The webinar provides an overview of KnowledgeTrak™ 2013. Ensure your staff has documented competence and is in compliance. KnowledgeTrak’s integrated system saves valuable employees hundreds of hours each year.

What will you get out of this webinar?

  • Streamline your QA process with a completely automated document management system
  • Manage compliance training and documentation with a simple online approach
  • Collaborate with colleagues to review and approve documents/training online
  • Automate periodic reviews
  • Integrate with other systems to lock in compliance across your facility

Doug Norvell, Product Manager, discusses how this intelligent approach to Quality and Compliance can save you time and dollars.