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Recorded Webinar with Linda Peltier: How to Potentialize Donations to Cord Blood Banks

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Watch the recorded webinar to hear Linda Peltier, research associate at McGill University, discuss how new compliance regulations impact public cord blood banks, why the current operational model must be modified, and ways to recover cord blood and tissue components for a better operational cost.

 Webinar Summary

Public cord blood banks (CBB) were initially established to store optimal units for allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplant (HSCT). Compliance with new regulations and transplant physician requests for an increased number of cells per cord blood unit (CBU) increased the processing costs to a point that some public CBBs had to merge or shutdown. The current operational model must be modified. Product diversification and better use of each CBU is one approach that could improve the CBB cost recovery model.

This presentation discusses ways to recover cord blood and tissue components for a better operational cost. This analysis was based on 1607 CBUs collected by the McGill University Health Centre Clinical Research Cord Blood Bank (MUHC CRCBB). McGill’s bank was able to recover more than 85% of units rejected by the public bank and calculated that making available cord blood plasma for MSC culture could double the revenue of the bank.

You will learn:

  • The different operational models
  • The outcome of a new transplant method using approved but formerly rejected CBUs from public banks
  • Cord product diversification potential

Linda Peltier, Ph.D., discusses how product diversification and better use of CBUs can improve cord blood banks’ cost recovery model.

Speaker Bio


After working as a registered nurse, Linda Peltier earned a Ph.D. in experimental medicine at McGill University. Practicing for more than 35 years in different healthcare fields, she became an authority in clinical and laboratory quality assurance. The past 12 years, she specialized in cord blood banking and stem cell processing. Working with Dr. Pierre Laneuville at the McGill University Health Centre-Research Institute in Montreal, she aspires to collaborate with researchers and other establishments in cellular therapies and regenerative medicine using cord blood/tissue.



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