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Recorded Webinar Goodbye Paper, Hello Transtem: Cellular Laboratory Operations, Compliance and Regulatory Management System

Wednesday, June 14 | 2017

Listen to Jonathan Wofford, General Manager and Jenny Sander, business analyst for Mediware’s cellular therapy division, discuss how Transtem Lab drives operational efficiency and increased compliance. While enhanced analytics allow you to easily compile utilization data for your BMT program.

Webinar summary

The Transtem Lab software solution is designed to provide comprehensive cellular therapy management for a diverse client base. The system offers end-to-end process management, from material collection through all phases of manufacturing and product release, for use in clinical therapy or trials. Transtem also features a host of quality management features and tools to drive compliance with internal and industry standards while adding efficiency and process control to product manufacturing.

In addition, with the integration of a robust reporting solution, Transtem supports in-process decision making and allows for real-time tracking and trending of process outcomes while driving continuous process improvement efforts. System configurability allows for multiple service lines to be managed within a single system environment, providing support for customer business growth initiatives in a cost-effective manner.

Through this webinar, attendees will learn how:

  • Transtem Lab provides end-to-end process through all phases of processing and, ultimately, product release for use in a clinical therapy or trials
  • Transtem Lab’s configuration features enable the system to easily adapt to any program’s cellular therapy procedures and workflows
  • Transtem’s integrated reporting engine allows for simple and efficient ways to query data and build custom reports
  • Be introduced to Transtem features/functionality that aid in compliance efforts


Speaker bio

Ms. Sander, a business analyst in Mediware’s cellular therapy solutions division, is responsible for generating software specifications and providing software quality assurance (SQA) and customer support assistance for the Transtem products. She also serves as the cellular therapy subject matter expert due to her experience in the field for more than six years.

Previously, Ms. Sander worked at the St. Louis Cord Blood Bank (SLCBB), where she gained a vast amount of knowledge in the cord blood banking and cellular therapy industries. Her professional responsibilities included serving as the liaison between the cord blood bank and the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP) as well as managing and maintaining both internal and external databases and assisting in the search and export of cord blood products to transplant centers all over the world. Ms. Sander served on numerous industry committees, including an NMDP-sponsored committee that was established to aid in redesigning and enhancing CORD Link, a database application currently used by the NMDP for the listing and management of cord blood products. She was also involved in a committee created for the Phoenix Initiative, which looked at the future of cord blood listing, reservation, and transplant within the NMDP and served on the working group for the Stem Cell Therapeutic Outcomes Database.