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Transtem Patient is now WellSky Biotherapies Clinic

As more and more groundbreaking therapies are pioneered, blood and marrow transplant programs face the enormous challenge of fulfilling all the regulatory obligations for tracking, managing, reporting and sharing patient outcomes data. WellSky Biotherapies Clinic can help ensure blood and marrow transplant programs remain compliant and accredited. The comprehensive Web-based system automates all administrative and patient management functions, as well as streamlining data analysis and reporting tasks.

Compile Reports with Ease & Speed

No more risking errors with manual reporting. Transtem aggregates all patient, donor and stem cell product information from multiple data sources — like electronic health records — and maps it to the appropriate report format. Transtem’s built-in controls alert users of upcoming submission deadlines. Never miss a compliance report, or a critical series of reports, again. Plus, a simple click of a key lets you quickly submit reports to their appropriate reporting agencies. The enhanced reporting options allow for compliance with regulatory agencies and third party payers.

Ensure Data Integrity

Showcase your program’s standard operating procedures, processes, patient documents, key indicators and more. With Transtem’s integrated reporting tool, there’s no need to jump from application to application to create detailed statistical analyses. Critical data elements are all in one place, right at your fingertips. Perform pre-programmed and on-demand reporting including statistical analysis to measure program performance, track clinical indicators, and support research initiatives. Transtem automates and standardizes documentation practices so that your data is accurate, consistent and current.

Facilitate Communication Among Caregivers and Patients

Transtem bridges information shared between referring oncologists, the transplant program, the cellular therapy lab, and other hospital systems. All parties can seamlessly share information, review real-time patient data and test results, and stay aware of issues to help improve patient care.

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