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The potential of cellular therapy seems to be endless. In 2009, doctors performed more that 60,000 adult stem cell transplants to treat cancer and blood diseases, while today, more than 3,600 clinical trials are open to research potential new treatments using stem cells. As researchers continue to discover new therapies using adult stem cells, can your laboratory manage the demand for this life-saving commodity?

Transtem from Mediware can help. Transtem makes it easier to manage data associated with the collection and processing of therapeutic stem cells. With this comprehensive system, you can efficiently manage donor, clinician, product and recipient data all in one place — exactly how it should be.

Streamline operations with this comprehensive cellular therapy management system

Transtem is a powerful cell therapy management solution that helps clinicians manage data associated with:

  • Collection
  • Processing
  • Transplant
  • Monitoring of patients post-transplant
  • Reporting of patient outcomes

Transtem is unique in its ability to provide a comprehensive cell therapy solution that spans from donors, to caregivers, patients and families. A few key capabilities include the following:

Educate Donors

Help donors and their families understand the stem cell transplantation process with Transtem’s customizable educational materials. Explain the complete process — from how cells are harvested to what happens to donors post-infusion — to help alleviate donor’s fears.

Expedite Donations

Shave hours off the registration process with Transtem’s built-in logic functions. A public website allows donors to register online, create an account, complete the donor questionnaire and upload critical documents.

Then, Transtem alerts staff when key data is missing or eligibility issues arise. This makes for more efficient follow-up with donors and speeds the confirmation process.

Streamline Processes

Automate and streamline your lab’s collection, manufacturing and cryopreservation processes. Transtem’s automated controls help validate product data throughout the manufacturing process including ancillary sample testing. Staff members can add notes, upload documents and access process reviews at any time.

Strengthen Compliance

As industry professionals, we understand the impact that tightened regulations have on laboratory operations. To that end, Transtem includes several features such as label scan verifications, SOP management, and a comprehensive audit trail on the field level to aid in compliance with existing and emerging standards.

Manage Inventory

Keeping a handle on inventory has never been easier. Transtem lets staff create ISBT 128-compliant and site-specific bar code labels to easily identify and track products, collection kits, supplies, reagents, equipment and more.

Enhance Reporting

No more digging through databases to find information or risking your data’s integrity by passing spreadsheets back-and-forth. With Transtem, your data is all in one place and you can use it to compile reports using real-time data.

Improve Patient Care

Because Transtem is Web-based, clinicians can access your product information and outcomes reports in real-time. This means they’ll have the most up-to-date reports on product availability, product analysis (including specific counts and cell doses) and more.

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