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Improve quality and compliance in your cord blood bank

With safe, secure records, your lab is better prepared to pass quality control processes and inspections. WellSky Biotherapies Lab (formerly Transtem) provides you with a host of tools and functions to assist with your QA efforts.

  • Review and approve your QA functions to enhance your workflow and routing to save you valuable time
  • Prevent data errors with standardized data entry screens and a comprehensive audit trail
  • Increase your quality control with system triggered validations and scan verifications to guarantee the product in hand is the product on the screen
  • Generate on-demand and canned QA reports to make informed decisions for your program
  • Gain lot-to-lot traceability that allows you to complete an impact analysis if a recall is issued
  • Instantly identify consumable/equipment relationships to kits, donors, products, and recipients

You can easily document elements required by regulatory agencies such as lot number, expiration date, manufacturer, etc. — for all supplies, reagents, and equipment. This helps protect you in the event of a recall.

Access to data is carefully controlled

You can define administrative access levels for each member of your team with this role-based application. For cord blood banks that collect from multiple locations, you can limit access on a per-location basis for certain staff members, while presenting data for all locations to program administrators who need to see it.

Track and report critical QA program indicators

Integrate your Transtem solution with Mediware’s KnowledgeTrak™ to deliver unparalleled training and assessments for your team. Provide your staff with the comprehensive, training tools and powerful online education modules– so you know exactly how well your team is trained and ready to work. This best-of-breed quality management system provides your team:

  • Easy online access for your staff makes training simple and effective
  • Centralized document management allows your staff easy access to the documents they need
  • Powerful collaboration tools to create and update all your training materials so that you can enhance collaboration between your team members
  • Complete management of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) from creation through versioning and updates to ensure you are prepared for any audit or inspection
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