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Simplify registration and donor management

Educating expectant parents about cord blood donation and banking options is no easy feat. That’s why WellSky Biotherapies Clinic (formerly Transtem) delivers a powerful suite of tools to manage your donors. You gain a comprehensive online registration system, surveys and more. You streamline the registration process for donors and make it easier for them to submit information.

Donor forms can be completed at their own pace while their responses auto-save giving you more completed registrations.

  • Display questionnaires and registrations on mobile devices so that moms have easier access to register
  • Deliver smart forms that are driven based on your donors’ responses to streamline the registration process for expecting parents
  • Support unlimited collection locations so your business can grow with the industry
  • Eliminate time-consuming manual data collection so you can focus on more important tasks
  • Protect donors with secure encryption features so mom is comfortable supplying all of her personal information and you get the protected data you need
  • Validate your donors’ responses with automated checkpoints to ensure all of the critical data has been captured
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