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Free your cord blood bank from the worries of compliance and accreditation

Transtem can help you efficiently manage donor, collector, product and recipient information all in one place — exactly how it should be. And with Transtem’s built-in safeguards and compliance features, you get peace of mind too.

  • Simplify the donation process with a customizable public website, interactive education and personalized emails
  • Automate cord blood cell collection, manufacturing and cryopreservation processes
  • Compile data from multiple sources into one report

Streamline every step of the cord blood process in one easy-to-use system

Transtem™ captures all the complex components of your cord blood manufacturing process – and delivers them to you from one, easy-to-use source. The entire system is specifically designed to match the workflow of your cord blood bank.

Simplify registration and donor management

Educating expectant parents about cord blood donation and banking options is no easy feat. That’s why Transtem™ delivers all the tools to manage your donors. Transtem brings comprehensive online registration to your cord blood bank with the only end-to-end management solution.

Improve quality and compliance in your cord blood bank

Transtem™ provides you with a host of tools and functions to assist with your QA efforts. You gain safe, secure records, so your lab is better prepared to pass quality control processes and inspections. And robust audit functionality locks in regulatory compliance.

Label and track products with ease

You gain a complete labeling system right in the heart of your software platform – so you never need to jump from one application to another. You can seamlessly generate and print the labels you need, giving you instant traceability at every step of your process.

Make informed business decisions with better data

Gone are the days of digging through multiple databases to find the information you need. Key performance indicators in ready-made reports help you make smarter business decisions using real time data.

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