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Label and track products with ease

WellSky Biotherapies Lab (formerly Transtem Lab) gives you a complete labeling system right in the heart of your laboratory management software – so you never need to jump from one application to another.

  • Fully integrated printing and tracking tools for every label
  • Gain instant traceability with barcode label production and scanning at every step
  • Save time with one system and a single point of entry
  • Print ISBT-128 compliant labels for reagents, kits and equipment

You will be able to work faster, enhance patient safety and ensure regulatory compliance with smart, seamless labeling functionality.

Complete all your labeling tasks in one system

Here are just some of the labels you can print inside of Transtem to save you time:

  • ISBT 128-compliant labels for collection, processing & distribution
  • Collection kit labels
  • Equipment labels
  • Reagent and supply labels
  • Ancillary sample labels
  • Tube labels
  • Shipping labels
  • Paperwork labels
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