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Streamline your cellular therapy lab with one comprehensive system

Maximize productivity with a paperless approach that captures all the complex components of your lab manufacturing process – and reports them to you in one, easy-to-use system.

  • Interface with laboratory instruments to save time and reduce human error
  • Automate label printing, including barcodes and ISBT-128 compliant labels
  • Prevent data errors with standardized data entry screens and a comprehensive audit trail

Unify your lab’s collection, receipt, manufacturing, storage and release

Transtem systematically automates and supports every step of your lab manufacturing process. Then it captures all the complex metrics of that process and delivers them to you from one remarkably easy tool. The entire system is specifically designed to match the workflow of your lab.

Work with donors more effectively

Your donors are your most important resource. That’s why Transtem™ provides cutting-edge communication and eligibility-determination tools that help you accomplish more with every person you recruit.

Label and track products with ease

You can eliminate the cost and hassle of third-party labeling software with Transtem. A complete labeling system is built right into your lab management software – so you never need to jump from one application to another.

Lock in Quality and Compliance Throughout Your Lab

Transtem™ provides you with a host of tools and functions to assist with your QA efforts. You can quickly review and approve your QA functions to enhance your workflow and routing. Standardized data entry screens reduce errors and provide a comprehensive audit trail.

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