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Automate all of your document management, compliance, and audit tracking requirements to save hours

WellSky Biotherapies’ integration with WellSky Quality & Compliance (formerly KnowledgeTrak™) brings together document management…accreditation and audit tracking…and competency and certification evaluations — all in an integrated solution that improves staff efficiency and reduces risk. You eliminate error-prone, manual tracking systems with a complete electronic tracking system to create, change, approve, distribute, train, and record materials electronically.

Track and report critical QA program indicators

KnowledgeTrak delivers unparalleled training and assessments for your team. Provide your staff with the comprehensive training tools and powerful online education modules, so you know that your team is trained and ready to perform. This best-of-breed quality management system provides:

  • Easy online access for your staff that makes training simple and effective
  • Centralized document management that allows your staff easy access to the documents they need
  • Powerful collaboration tools to create and update all your training materials so that you can enhance collaboration among your team members
  • Complete management of standard operating procedures (SOPs) from creation through versioning and updates to ensure that you are prepared for any audit or inspection

Simplify document management

You can now improve your document management and change control with KnowledgeTrak’s intuitive and collaborative design, which will please your writers, subject matter experts, and approvers alike.

  • Change Requests organizes collections of documents affected by a change – setting scope, issuing notice of change, facilitating approval, and providing a common tracking mechanism
  • Publishing and routing for review and approval is completely automated; access restrictions and even the most complex workflows are easily and quickly handled
  • Contributors see comments and approvals from others in near real time
  • New versions are deployed simply with only a few clicks
  • Automated periodic reviews ensure content is relevant and compliant with the least possible imposition on staff
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