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Manage your patients, products and donors all in one place

Now you can collect and analyze every piece of data related to patients, donors, and products in one easy-to-use system. WellSky Biotherapies Clinic (formerly Transtem BMT) is specifically designed for blood and marrow transplant programs. It helps caregivers and patients communicate better, simplifies donor selection, and automates all your compliance and reporting needs.

Experience greater efficiency, fewer errors, better patient care

Transtem gives you a complete view of your program. This web-based system guides you through every step of your workflow, so you work faster, see fewer errors, and eliminate manual tasks.

Transtem also helps your patients get the treatments they need. You can see all eligible donors in one view and manage all elements critical to the screening process. Then it’s easy to select the donor who best fits your patient.

Compile reports with ease and speed

Transtem’s robust reporting tools track and analyze every aspect of program performance and patient outcomes.

  • Aggregate all patient, donor, and stem cell product data from multiple sources, then map it to the report format of your choice within seconds
  • Save time and reduce errors associated with manual reporting

Simplify reporting to regulatory agencies and third-party payers

Transtem BMT software saves you countless hours each month with one-click reporting. You have access to all CIBMTR and AGNIS forms, and the system continually validates that all forms are current, eliminating manual, repetitive entries.

  • Instantly run RFI reports for third-party payers, including ASBMT
  • Develop custom reports for organizations like CIGNA and Optum
  • Document patient insurance and payer information and alert insurance when it’s time to follow up, so payments are made on time.

Transtem form completion dashboards simplify your workflow. You see which forms have been completed, their submission history, and an audit trail of any changes made to the form.

To further enhance your ability to track and report critical QA program indicators, Transtem integrates with the KnowledgeTrak Document and Compliance Management. With safe, secure records, your program is better prepared to pass quality control processes and inspections.

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