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Streamline donor management and outcomes reporting

WellSky Biotherapies Clinic (formerly Transtem BMT) not only simplifies BMT donor matching and patient tracking, it helps you break through the silos that prohibit communication. Your referring oncologists, transplant staff, and cell therapy lab all have instant access to the same accurate data. This equips your caregivers to make quick decisions that increase patient outcomes.

Simplify donor selection

Spend less time on paperwork to find the right donor match for your patient. Transtem quickly and accurately sorts through your criteria and critical data elements to help you select the best match for your patient.

Download the pdf to learn how Transtem can help your patients get the lifesaving treatments they need.

You can view all eligible donors from a central listing screen, and select a donor(s) for a transplant event. It’s easy to manage all of your critical data elements:

  • Testing panels, including HLA typing and infectious disease marker testing
  • Physician orders, including target collection cell doses
  • Documentation of consent and education
  • Eligibility determination

Gain end-to-end patient management

With Transtem, all your patient, product, and donor information is in one easy-to–use-system. Anyone involved with the patient’s care can see updates — anywhere, anytime — and remain up to speed.

  • Review real-time patient data so you know you are viewing the most up-to-date information
  • Check test results, so you can quickly make decisions critical to your patient’s care
  • Receive alerts of any potential issues, so you can mitigate red flags before they become a problem

You can even log in from your tablet or smart phone to access the information you need to make lifesaving decisions.

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