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Simplify reporting to third party payers and regulatory agencies

WellSky Biotherapies Clinic (formerly Transtem BMT) features compliance and accreditation tools that help you get back all the time you spend filling out reports, submitting forms, and trying to keep track of records.

Its user-friendly, one-click reporting saves you countless hours each month. You can easily access all the data you need in one system, automatically populate data fields and submit forms, and quickly query any stats you need to create required reports. You have access to all CIBMTR and AGNIS forms and will always be up to date with reporting requirements because the system validates that all forms are current and eliminates manual, repetitive entries.
With WellSky, it’s easy to avoid compliance hassles and ensure that insurance companies reimburse you for the transplants you perform.

Submit patient outcomes in one-click

Transtem helps improve your reporting processes by providing a dashboard that allows you to view form assignments for your team and completion and acceptance statuses at the program level. At the patient level, you can track forms specific to each transplant event.

  • All 98 CIBMTR forms right at your fingertips (not just the 15 currently accepted via AGNIS)
  • Forms automatically populate when you enter data in the system
  • View due dates, submission statuses, and AGNIS responses for every form

Download the pdf to learn how Transtem can save you countless hours of manual paperwork.

Generate on-demand RFI reports

Transtem’s easy-to-use report generator simplifies the entire reporting process for you. The RFI templates are built in to Transtem, so you can you can generate on-demand reports with a single click. You can easily meet the needs of third-party payers, including ASBMT as well as develop custom reports for organizations such as CIGNA and Optum. The dynamic filters gives your team access to the critical data you need.
Transtem’s comprehensive application:

  • Automatically collects and processes your RFI data requirements for you
  • Documents patient insurance and payer information
  • Prompts for insurance follow-up to help ensure your program gets paid on time

You will save time, reduce reporting errors, and eliminate stressors around submission deadlines. Everything is done automatically, so you can focus on patient care instead of wasting time and resources on compiling data.

Improve quality and compliance in your BMT program

Eliminate compliance worries with Transtem’s robust audit functionality at the data field level. Transtem allows you to track all data history and any changes made to your files and patient records. With safe, secure records, your program is better prepared to pass quality control processes and inspections.

Transtem provides you with a host of tools and functions to assist with your quality assurance efforts including:

  • Standardized data entry screens and a comprehensive audit trail to prevent data errors
  • On-demand and canned QA reports to help you make informed decisions for your program
  • QA function review and approval to enhance your workflow and routing to save you valuable time
  • Tracking and reporting of critical QA program indicators with KnowledgeTrak

Complete the form on this page to find out how you can gain peace of mind if an audit occurs.

Easily adapt to industry changes in variables or data elements

The cellular therapy industry is rapidly evolving, and changes to regulations, procedures, and standards of care are inevitable. Transtem helps you easily adapt to these changes. Mediware’s clinical staff monitors changes in the industry, so your program stays up-to-date and compliant.

With Transtem’s flexible configuration, your time and resources won’t be impacted as changes occur because new fields can be added without you or your IT department having to restructure your database. Even if you do make changes to data fields or responses, Transtem will still have a record of the original information, so you continue to have access to historical data and it can be used again in the future if you want it. Transtem allows you to maintain your data and reporting integrity that is so critical to your BMT program management and research efforts.

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