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Lock in best practices to keep your blood & marrow transplant program compliant and accredited

As more groundbreaking therapies come to market, your BMT program faces the enormous challenge of meeting all the regulatory obligations for tracking, managing, reporting and sharing patient outcomes data. Transtem is specifically designed to simplify this process:

  • Aggregate data from many sources into one report
  • Document progress in a standardized, accurate manner
  • Automate analyses of outcomes, validate dosages and document deviations

Program Management – Manage donors, products, and patients in one place
Patient Tracking and Donor Selection – Simplify donor matching and gain end-to-end patient management
Reporting and Outcomes Analysis – Enhance decision making with custom reports and real-time data

Document Management – Automate your document, training, and compliance management
Compliance & Accreditation Tools – Simplify reporting to third-party payers and regulatory agencies