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Let Transtem Help You Fulfill The Promise Of Cellular Therapy

As growing regulatory burdens hit your facility, you need comprehensive cell therapy software to meet the obligations to track, manage, report, and collaborate effectively. Transtem™ offers a single end-to-end solution for labs, BMT programs, cord blood banks, and regenerative medicine programs.

This comprehensive blood marrow transplant software helps you manage BMT donors, aggregate BMT data, and assure the quality and compliance of your transplant program

Transtem cell therapy lab software enhances your lab manufacturing and operations. You gain an ISBT-128 compliant label printing system and detailed lab analytics designed specifically as part of this complete stem cell research software.
You can also tap into cord blood bank software built to free you from the worries of cord blood compliance and accreditation. Transtem can help you efficiently manage cord blood donor, collector, product, and recipient information, all in one place — exactly how it should be.
With numerous built-in safeguards and compliance features, you get peace of mind too. Find out how this single, specialized system, that fully integrates all of the complex components of cellular therapy — from donor registration and product management through patient education and care to outcomes management and reporting – can help you.

Centralize data on donors, products and patients in one powerful application

Simplify donor recruitment, lab operations, labeling, data management and more

Connect with expectant mothers, manage data, document lab compliance

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