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Why Mediware:
Get the tools you need to run ahead of the changes coming to Blood Services

More than 1,500 prestigious healthcare organizations across the U.S., Canada and United Kingdom rely on Mediware’s best of breed blood technologies and services.

Whether you manage the blood banking of a large health system…you direct a regional blood center operation…or you simply need to coordinate successful blood drives in your community, Mediware has a solution for you. As healthcare reform revolutionizes all aspects of healthcare, Mediware is focused on meeting the three major challenges facing blood services…

1. Pioneering Interoperability

From the start, we knew the key to your needs would be a level of interoperability that could grow with the ever changing industry. To meet that need, we take complex clinical — and often painfully inefficient — healthcare processes and automate them. Our software solutions are designed to make things easier and more cost effective for you while eliminating opportunities for error so your patients are safer too.

2. Ensuring Safety

With Mediware’s comprehensive suite of Blood Solutions, you get state-of-the art features and functionality plus all the control, safety and flexibility you need.

3. Optimizing the Blood Supply

In recent years, the medical community is bringing greater scrutiny not only to the safety of the blood supply, but when blood is used and what quantities are transfused. That’s why our product portfolio includes our Blood Solutions, which increase your visibility of blood use. This extends our legacy as the first FDA 510(k)-cleared transfusion software used to help secure the safety of the blood supply in U.S. hospitals.

4. A Legacy of Innovation

Mediware was founded in 1970, and in 1980, the founding organization was purchased and incorporated under the name of Hemocare, Inc. It was then that the company began developing its specialized blood banking information system known as Hemocare. Ultimately, that system became the first of its kind to achieve FDA 510(k) clearance for use in securing the safety of the nation’s blood supply.

In July 1996, the company acquired the LifeLine product from Western Star, which, at the time, resulted in the combination of the two most dominant systems in the blood banking space. Through this combination, a new advanced blood management system known as Hemocare LifeLine (HCLL) was born. That system, now known as HCLL™ Transfusion, grew to become the industry’s leading blood management system, and today,

we’re the industry’s only provider of fully integrated solutions that manage the entire blood supply chain — from donor recruiting to product manufacturing to transfusion at the bedside.

With Mediware’s strong history of leadership in blood, the natural expansion to Cellular Therapy Solutions was a simple one. Developed by experienced clinicians, many umbilical cord blood banks, cell therapy labs and blood and marrow transplant programs use our software to fully integrate the complex components of cellular therapy in a single, specialized system.

We’re proud to count some of the nation’s most recognized hospitals, blood collection centers, major academic medical centers and the U.S. Military Health System as our customers.

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