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White Paper: Surviving a New HIS: A guide to help blood bank leaders manage successful integration

When new hospital information systems (HIS) and/or lab information systems (LIS) are implemented, significant changes can be in store for everyone, including those in the blood bank.

The process is likely to be stressful, especially in large organizations with multiple facilities. However, with effective plans in place, blood bank leaders can successfully navigate the transition and ensure their blood bank information systems integrate flawlessly and contribute to quality patient care without interruption.

What You Will Learn

  • Processes to which blood bank leaders should contribute
  • Communicating with the right contacts
  • Training your team on new systems
  • Preparing for live interfaces

To help you survive this transition, download the white paper guide, “Surviving a New HIS,” that takes you through the secrets to a successful HIS implementation for your Blood Bank.

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