White Paper: HCLL Blood Bank System Delivers Safe and Reliable Integration with Epic

Together, HCLL Transfusion and Epic support the flow of orders, product preparation, issue and release, PPID at the bedside, and transfusion. The systems also provide complete and automatic documentation. Therefore, whether your blood bank information system (BBIS) or laboratory information system (LIS) is stand-alone or all-in-one, integration among systems is the best possible way to enable real-time care that minimizes errors and keeps patients safe.

You Will Learn

  • About stand-alone applications in healthcare settings
  • The reliability of integration for bidirectional messaging
  • What types of information is exchanged between Epic and HCLL
  • Why HCLL and Epic integration is accurate, safe, and efficient


Download the white paper to learn about HCLL’s proven integration with Epic at hospitals across the country and¬†about the history and success of these systems.